State Names

Maps of Mexico - States of Mexico and Geographic Regions

A Few Cities for Reference

Maps of Mexico - States of Mexico and Geographic Regions

Geographic Regions

Map of Mexico - Geographic Regions
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Links To Maps of Mexico

States and Capitals


Climate Distribution

Total Annual Precipitation

Seasonal Regional Precipitation

(two very large detailed maps)

Annual Mean Temperatures

Topographic and Physiography

Elevation Topographic

Main Types of Vegetation Distribution

Forest Type & Protected Area Distribution

Agricultural Land Use

Distribution of Major Soil Types

Geologic Rock Types

Major Volcanoes

Main Rivers and Basins

Drainage and Soil Erosion

Major Rivers and Lake Dams

Main Lakes, Lagoons and Reservoirs

Major Highways and Paved Roads

Accessible Beaches and Spas

Drug Cartel Territories

Major Areas of Cannabis and Poppy Growth

International and National Airports

Country-Wide Railroad Lines

Country-Wide Sea Ports

Major Electric Power Stations and
Transmission Lines


Distribution of Mining and Industry

Foreign Owned Auto Plants

USA-Mexico Trade Corridors

Money Transfers from USA

2000 USA Nonmetro Hispanic Population

Migration to USA

Detention Centers in Mexico for their Illegals

Ethnic Languages

(two very large detailed maps)

Archeological Sites

Historical from Spanish Conquest to Date

(ten very large detailed maps - very interesting)

Archdioceses and Dioceses

Major Highways & Paved Roads, Relief Map
with State Boundaries/Capitals,
Major Rivers/Cities/Highways/Railroads

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